Construction parking STC-KNRM

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Dear resident,

As of Monday, August 22, the construction of additional parking spaces on the site of STC-KNRM will start. The parking spaces are for delegates and staff of STC-KNRM with the aim of reducing parking pressure in the area. After the construction there will be over 100 parking spaces available.

Because of the renovation, visitors and employees of STC-KNRM, temporarily can not use the entire parking. The parking pressure in the area will be temporarily higher. STC-KNRM will ask its delegates and staff to park as much as possible on the Eemhavenweg and not in the “New Village”. However, this cannot be completely prevented. The work will be carried out in three phases and last approximately 6 to 7 weeks.

The parallelweg on Heysekade will be used as a suppliers’ route during the weeks. This is because the entrance on the side of the Quarantaineweg is closed. Walking on the site is not possible / allowed during the work.
The renovation will be supervised by Cees Pap. If you have any questions during the renovation, please contact him at 06-12797561 or at
From September 5th till 25th colleague André Riethoff will take over from Cees Pap due to his vacation. You can call Andre at 06-51513103 or via

With kind regards,

Arjan Hoefnagels
Area manager Port of Rotterdam

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