NOGEPA 2.7B C&F – Coxswain Conventional & Free-Fall lifeboat


Each offshore mining installation which is manned, either permanently or temporarily, is provided with one or more survival craft, which allow crew on board to abandon the installation in case of emergency.

The survival craft can be either of the conventional type, i.e. a lifeboat or capsule lowered by falls, or a lifeboat of the free-fall type. Training shall be provided to those who are designated as coxswain(s) handling the survival craft.

In some cases the survival craft is used as a rescue craft (Man Overboard Boat). In that case it is useful to combine this course with the Coxswain Man Overboard Boat.

  • Maintaining the survival craft in an operational condition.
  • Contributing to/carrying out drills.
  • Reacting to alarms.
  • Preparing the survival craft for launching.
  • Boarding of passengers.
  • Launching the survival craft.
  • Navigating the survival craft and moving to a safe zone.
  • Communicating by radio and/or other means.
  • Ensuring safety of passengers.
  • Disembarking of passengers to a safe place.

Note: Depending on the duration of the course, the Conventional lifeboat/capsule as well as the
Free-fall lifeboat or the whole range will be included in the teaching programme.

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