Offshore First Aid Refresher


This two-day refresher course is aimed at everyone who is designated to perform first aid tasks in a first aid organisation at a mining installation or a drilling platform.
This training consists of theoretical instruction combined with practical excersises.

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

This Offshore First Aid Refresher training contents:

  • basic principles of rendering first aid;
  • stop bleeding;
  • simple wound treatment;
  • immobilize fractures;
  • first aid at shock;
  • cardio-pulmonary reanimation;
  • first aid for unconscious patients;
  • immobilization of patients with suspected back and/or neck injury;
  • first aid at drowning;
  • first aid at hypothermia;
  • personal hygiene before treating open wounds;
  • preparations for transport of wounded/sick persons;
  • use of first aid equipment, bandages and trauma scale;
  • communication and radio medical advice;
  • giving injections into a muscle on indication of a physician;
  • operating an AED;
  • keep medical administration up to date.
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€534,- incl. registrationfee, excl. 21% VAT excl. 21% btw


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