Offshore First Aid


This four-day basic training course is aimed at everyone who is designated to perform first aid tasks in a first aid organisation at a mining installation or a drilling platform.
This training consists of theoretical instruction combined with practical excersises.

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

This Offshore First Aid training contents:

  • basic principles of rendering first aid;
  • stop bleeding;
  • simple wound treatment;
  • immobilize fractures;
  • first aid at shock;
  • cardio-pulmonary reanimation;
  • first aid for unconscious patients;
  • immobilization of patients with suspected back and/or neck injury;
  • first aid at drowning;
  • first aid at hypothermia;
  • personal hygiene before treating open wounds;
  • preparations for transport of wounded/sick persons;
  • use of first aid equipment, bandages and trauma scale;
  • communication and radio medical advice;
  • giving injections into a muscle on indication of a physician;
  • operating an AED;
  • keep medical administration up to date.

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

Training times:
We expect the participants at 07.45 on the first training day. The following days start at 08.30. All training days end no later than 17.00, unless the participant attends additional training(s).

The training is given in English. We can organize this training in a different language for groups on request and if necessary with an private interpreter.

Requirements for participation:
In order to participate in this training, participants do not need to have any specific requirements

Offshore First Aid €834,- (incl. registrationfee, excl. 21% VAT)
Offshore First Aid Refresher €534,- (incl. registrationfee, excl. 21% VAT)

More information: 0031-10 428 38 60

€857,- incl. registrationfee, excl. 21% VAT

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