Ship Security Officer (STCW)


In shipping, merchant shipping, water construction or fishing, you may have to deal with theft, piracy or terrorism. That is why it is important to be well informed about the security of your crew, cargo and ship. Your shipping company can appoint you as a Ship Security Officer (SSO). With this course you get the knowledge and skills on board to sail with confidence. The Ship Security officer (SSO) course teaches you to ensure both the security of the ship as well as the implementation and support of the ship security plan. The SSO in association with the CSO will ensure the safety awareness of the crew on board.

This course has been certified by institute code NL007 by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).


Target group:
You are an officer on every type of seagoing vessel in merchant shipping, hydraulic engineering or fishing, including tankers, passenger ships, Ro-Ro’s and dredgers and you are charged with the security organization on board a seagoing vessel greater than 500 GT / 750 kW, as prescribed in the ISPS. code and Solas XI-2.

The two-day course STCW Ship Security Officer takes 2 days. After completion the participant receives a STCW (A-VI/5) certificate, which is valid for life.

Course content:

  • Maritime security threats and preventative measures
  • Ship Security Assessments and Audits
  • The creating of Ship Security Plans
  • Ship and Port Facility security measures and arrangements
  • Recognition of behavioural patterns of people likely to threaten security
  • Detection of weapons, explosives and other dangerous substances
  • Regular testing, calibration and effective use of security equipment and systems
  • Knowledge of ISPS code

At the end of the course:

  • you ensure the security of the ship in an effective manner;
  • you work more effectively as a manager in the field of ship security;
  • you contribute to safety on the ship;
  • you work together with the CSO (Company Security Officer) and the Security Officer of the Port Facility Security Officer on safety on the ship.
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(ILT/IMO approved) STCW-certificate


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