– Chester Step Test

The Chester Step Test (CST) is an exercise test especially for trainees who have to climb a lot of stairs at work.

It involves stepping on and off a verhoding. The speed of getting on and off is controlled by a metronome.

There are 5 sessions of 2 minutes each. After each 2-minute session, the heart rate is measured and then at the next session, the speed is increased each time. After these 5 sessions, 2 minutes are rested. Thereafter, the heart rate is recorded again to see if it has dropped sufficiently after the rest period.

The validity period depends on the result and can be up to 24 months/2 years. 12 months/1 year is also possible. Or no offshore in case of insufficient result.

As this is an exercise test, a resting ECG is made prior to the test.

The rate is €115,- excluding 21% VAT