Medical Examination

For our Offshore and Maritime courses an offshore or Seafarers medical examination conducted by a certified doctor is required. To participate in the Offshore training courses, a medical certificate from a doctor proving the physical fitness of the person to participate in the training is also sufficient.

STC KNRM can arrange a NOGEPA medical examination at our training centre on the date of your training.
You therefore don’t need to take an extra day off for your medical examination.
We can arrange the following medical examinations:

  • NOGEPA medical examination + Bi Deltoid shoulder measurement €180 ex 21% VAT
  • NOGEPA medical examination + Norwegian Helseerklæring + Bi Deltoid Shoulder measurement €200 ex 21% VAT
  • Bi Deltoid Shoulder measurement €45 ex 21% VAT
  • Seafarers medical examination €160 ex 21% VAT.

During the booking procedure you can select the medical examination of your choice.

In general, the medical examination is valid for 2 years. After 2 years it must be carried out again. Under certain circumstances, however, the doctor will issue a medical fitness certificate valid for one year only. For example when the course participant is overweight or has a condition that can worsen over a short period of time.