GWO G41 standard examination

The GWO examination G41 standard is the examination for personnel up to and including 39 years of age who will be working in the GWO sector. This examination is performed by a registered doctor and takes about 60 minutes.

The examination consists of the following components;

  • Questionnaire
  • Basic examination
    • Height, weight, BMI,
    • Bloodpressure, puls and saturation
  • Lung function test
  • Audiometry
  • Standard vision test / color blindness test
  • General physical examination
  • Urine test

The price for this examination is €180,- excluding VAT.

This examination has a validity of:

  • participants up to and including 24 years old: 3 years
  • participants from 25 – 49 years: 2 years
  • participants from 50 years and older: 1 year

A GWO G41+ exercise test may be required in the following cases:

Company-specific, on indication, if heavy exertion is required and if the participant is 40 years of age or older.