Calamity training watersport

At sea and on inland waterways, it is entirely self-evident in calamities aboard. Fire on board is one of the worst things you can overcome. Indeed, by fire, the threat that you have to leave your ship is very present. Fire on board can be prevented by a good fire prevention. If, despite a good fire prevention, there is a fire on board, you can fight this fire quickly and adequately with small extinguishing media. The proper use of extinguishing media is indispensable. In addition to fire and any escalation, the trained person must also be trained in First Aid and / or Survival.

We organize this training on request for groups on weekdays and weekends

STC NEXT is an Offshore Training Center located at a unique spot in the port of Rotterdam. As an Offshore Training Center, we make every effort to ensure that everyone who works at sea returns back home safely. We train delegates for the Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind and Maritime sectors.

Content training
Safety briefing

Prepare for departure
Effects of wind and sea on vessel
Preparing for emergency situations on the vessel

Fire prevention and fire fighting
Fire triangle
The use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses, equipment and other fire-fighting equipment

First aid
Providing basic first aid in case of an accident caused by an incident or other medical emergencies
Cold shock

Personal survival methods
The use of life jackets and inflatable life rafts
The use of emergency beacons

Fire and First Aid Practice
Fire on board
ABCDE methodology
Life-saving actions

Survival practice
Rescue equipment
Rescue equipment use
Demonstrate the use of a survival raft
Capsize drill
Survival at sea