Joining instructions

Joining instructions


Delegates are expected to report at the training centre at 07.45 hours. Delegates arriving too late will have to make up for time lost (costs involved will be charged extra). Typically a course day ends at 16.15 hours.

During registration, Personal Safety Logbooks will be collected for updating and are returned upon completion of the course.


To obtain a valid OPITO certificate for OPITO approved courses, delegates have to be registered at the OPITO Central Training Register. The price of registration is included in our course fees.


The training centre will supply the necessary protective clothing and equipment. Delegates are advised to bring  an extra t-shirt, pair of socks and underwear.


Please be aware that part of our courses are of a physical nature. It is the employer’s responsibility to check that delegates have a valid medical examination. It is compulsory for participants to show a valid medical certficate before entering the course. Delegates are required to sign a medical fitness form in which they declare to be fit enough to participate in all parts of the course.


We can accommodate special needs if we are given sufficient prior notice. For example for delegates who are not able to speak, read and/ or understand English, delegates who are disabled or delegates with religious considerations.


Course fees are per person per course, including lunch, cof­fee/tea, course materials and excluding 21% VAT, OPITO registration fee (see above), dinner, travel expenses, interpreter costs, board and lodging.


Please note that STC NEXT reserves all rights to stop a delegate from participating in a course if his/her prerequisites do not comply with the rules and regulations of the authorities involved. In this case we will always consult the employer before taking any further action. During their stay at the training centre, course delegates have to comply with the house rules. We kindly request you to provide course delegates with all the neces­sary information. STC NEXT is not responsible for problems of any kind that are due to lack of knowledge of the information provided in this sheet.


You can find the Learning Objectives for the courses described in the following link:

BOSIET- Section A.5; HUET- Section B.5; FOET- Section C.5


Because of the variety of nationalities, courses will by default be conducted in English. Therefore delegates are expected to be able to read, speak and understand English. If not, we are able to provide interpreters at an extra cost.


Every delegate must be able to prove his/her identity. Please note that all course fees are subject to change without prior notice. In case you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact our booking office.


Flexibility is our top priority.

Given the unpredictable dynamic maritime business, we are fully aware that it is not always possible for our participants to be present and train on the exact booked dates. If you need to pass a change or cancellation, please contact our booking department by phone or email as soon as possible.

STC NEXT will then get in contact with you to arrange a new suitable date or to move the course to another date. If this is not feasible in the short term and the course has to be canceled, STC NEXT will normally never charge any extra costs.

An exception on the above are costs associated with courses that we as provider are also charged for in the event of cancellations. By example the rental of external locations, examination costs by third parties and no-show charges for external hiring of trainers and/or reserved locations.

STC NEXT will anyhow immediately inform you upon cancellation or otherwise as soon as possible if any additional costs are to be charged.