26 July 2019

Compatibility concern Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS)

Global Wind Organization3M Systems

GWO has received the following safety alert from 3M systems:

In the interests of worker safety, 3M Fall Protection (“3M”) hereby alerts the industry to the compatibility concern identified in the ANSI/ASSE Z359.16-2016 standard for Climbing Ladder Fall Arrest Systems (CLFAS), as follows:

A2.1 Climb Assist Systems. Because of possible compatibility concerns, the competent person should consult the manufacturer of both the climb assist system and the CLF

AS to determine if the systems are compatible. Considerations include connections to the user’s harness, spacing between systems on the climbing ladder, assist level settings, number of users and test records.

For manufacturers of CLFAS equipment like 3M to be able to comply with the ANSI recommendation above and support compatibility inquiries from custome

rs regarding the use of climb assist systems (PCA’s) with CLFAS systems, compatibility testing in an ISO certified laboratory (which includes ANSI Z359.16 in its scope of certification) covering all foreseeable use and misuse scenarios of these systems is necessary. Until such compatibility testing is conducted and system compatibility verified, workers who use climb assist systems with CLFAS systems are exposed to the risk of serious injury or death due to the potential incompatibility of those systems.

3M therefore requests industry cooperation to (i) make users aware that ANSI recognizes possible compatibility concerns with powered climb assists when used with CLFAS equipment, (ii) recommend that users insist upon and facilitate such compatibility testing, and (iii) urge users to avoid using such systems in combination until compatibility has been verified through rigorous and transparent testing.

Until such system compatibility testing is conducted and the test results made public, 3M cannot verify compatibility of any third-party climb assist systems with 3M’s CLFAS systems (including DBI-SALA® Lad-Saf™ and Cabloc™ Safety Systems and Detachable Cable Sleeves, including Cabloc, Lad-Saf X2, Lad-Saf X3 and Lad-Saf X3+ sleeves).

User inquiries about equipment compatibility should be directed to 3M Technical Service at tsfpemea@mmm.com .

3M Fall Protection, part of 3M’s Personal Safety Division

For more information, please check https://connect.awea.org/viewdocument/3m-fall-protection-notice  and if you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact FP Tech Support EMEA via tsfpemea@mmm.com