The spectacular facilities of STC NEXT on our training location are perfect for organizing teambuilding outings. These events can be booked by companies, foundations, associations and private individuals. From aid organizations to bachelor parties.

We organize practical training modules for groups whereby focussing on both physical and mental aspects in a dynamic and inspiring environment.
This training is focussed especially on teambuilding and fun.

What can you expect?
The content of this teambuilding arrangement can be compiled from the following various elements:

Sea Survival:

  • Instruction on how to survive at sea by means of a practical training in our training pool in which waves, wind, rain and lightning can be simulated

Free Fall Lifeboat:

  • Practical free fall training with a lifeboat.


  • A practical exercise during which one has to escape from a maze of fire containers, while wearing a vision-obscuring mask.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET):

  • A spectacular practical exercise during which one escapes from a submerged helicopter simulator.

The HUET training is often considered mind-broadening. During this exercise the mental strength of the participant is challenged much more than the physical power.
If participants choose not to take part in a certain exercise this will be no problem. Participation is not mandatory.

Extra information: All participants must be in normal physical health. As the program can be composed as you would wish, also the duration of the program can be decided accordingly. Of course you can also book buffet-style lunch(es) and/or dinner(s). The number of participants, the tailored implementation of the program and the costs will be determined by agreement.


If you are interested, and you and your team do not shy away from real challenges, then this Teambuilding arrangement is just the thing for you!