ERO Leader


The 2-day training ERO Leader (emergency response officer leader) is for those people whom guard the total safety in case of a disaster.
They are also designated to step up as a leader for other emergency response officers in case of distress.

This training is provided by STC B.V. The course schedule can be found on their website:



This ERO Leader training contents:

  • Evacuation
  • Preparation for leading the ERO-team
  • Practicing with ERO-team
  •  Estimate the safety situation of the location
  • Management and control the available resources
  •  Evaluation and reporting of the training
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€429,- excl. 21% VAT excl. 21% btw

STC-KNRM certificate according to NIBHV-standard


2 days

1 year

Quarantaineweg 98 3089 KP Rotterdam - Heijplaat