H2S (NOGEPA 0.8)

The H2S training (NOGEPA 0.8) takes about 4 hours and is a safety training for personnel (onshore and offshore) who come into contact with H2S sensitive installations. In most cases this concerns employees from the oil and gas extraction industry, but this training is also suitable for employees who work in for example sewers, sewage treatment plants, manure processing and waste processing where H2S may be generated.

The purpose of this training is to make participants aware of the risks in working environments where the deadly H2S (hydrogen sulfide) can be released.

This training can be booked as an additional training to, for example, the Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training (0.5A BOSIET) or the Further Offshore Emergency Training (0.5B FOET). The training can also be booked ‘separately’ and organized at your location.

Are you interested in this training? Use the ‘Book now’ button to view the schedule and book the training. This training is not always scheduled by default, but we can schedule it for you upon request. Please contact us at info-hp@stcnext.com.

This H2S training contains:

  • Knowledge of the properties and hazards of H2S;
  • Knowledge of working activities on a H2S location;
  • Knowledge of the necessary layout on an H2S location;
  • Handling, use and restrictions of the specific compulsory personal protective equipment;
  • Handling, use and restrictions of personal detection/alarm equipment;
  • Escape procedures in case of an H2S alarm;
  • First aid in case of H2S victims;
  • Knowledge of H2S rules in the Working Condition Act (Arbowet).

What should I bring?

  • Valid identification (passport, identity card, driving license);
  • Valid medical examination certificate.

You will receive a sticker for your safety passport (PSL) after the training. A safety passport is optionally available from us for € 17.50 (excl 21% VAT)

The H2S training can be booked consecutively to one of the following training courses, please note that the class day will end later:

Would you like to book this training as a supplement? Then book the BOSIET, E-BOSIET, FOET or HUET training. In step 3 of the booking form you can add the H2S training.

To participate in this training you will need a medical examination, NOGEPA Offshore or OGUK Offshore medical examination certificate doctor.

You can book a NOGEPA Offshore medical examination with us. Please mention this in step 3 in the booking form. STC NEXT can arrange this medical examination for you. On www.nogepa.nl you can find a certified doctor nearby to book the declaration of good health yourself.

This training can be booked as an “On Board” training as well as a regular course. In both cases we ask you to contact STC NEXT for booking this course.

Training times:
This training is given in addition to BOSIET, FOET or HUET and there for training times may vary.

The training is given in English. We can organize this training in a different language for groups on request and if necessary with a private interpreter.