HUET incl. EBS (5095) + CA-EBS (5902) (incl. Escape Chute Training)


The HUET, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training is a one-day training specifically designed for offshore staff and seafarers who regularly travel to and from their workplace using a helicopter. The goal of training of is in what way to travel safely and how to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency. This course is part of the BOSIET training, but we also offer this training to as ‘separate’ training. The Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA EBS) training is now also included in the Nogepa 0.5a & 0.5b training as standard.


This HUET training contains:

  • Helicopter Safety;
  • EBS (Emergency Breathing Systems, not to be confused with CA EBS);
  • Ensure delegates are able to demonstrate in a simulated environment that they can use the safety equipment;
  • Follow procedures in preparing for and during helicopter emergencies – with particular focus on escaping from a helicopter following ditching.
  • Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA EBS)

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Training times:
We expect the participants at 07.45 on this training day. Training ends no later than 17.00, unless the participant attends additional training(s).

The training is given in English. On request we can organize this training in a different language for groups and if necessary with an interpreter.

Additional Training:
The following additional trainings can be booked in addition to the HUET course:

  • H2S – Nogepa

Requirements for participation:
In order to participate to the training, participants need to have a valid offshore medical certificate or declaration of good health from their doctor. We can arrange a Nogepa medical examination for the participants on our training facilities. On you can find a certified doctor nearby to book the declaration of good health yourself.

More information: 0031-10 428 38 60

€591,- incl. registrationfee, excl. 21% VAT

Opito 5095, NOG

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