VCA Supervisor


The 1-day basic safety course VCA for Supervisors (VOL-VCA)is in English and is primarily intended for managers and team leaders who in this role need the VOL-VCA diploma. During the VOL-VCA course participants learn how to work safely (or delegate) and how people can be motivated to work safely and responsibly. Using the STC-KNRM VOL VCA textbook,  students are being prepared for VOL-VCA exam  by an experienced instructor, which is taken at the end of the course.

This training is provided by STC B.V.

This VCA Supervisor in English contents:

  • Leglislation;
  • Risk of accident;
  • Hazardous substances;
  • Fire hazard;
  • Explosion hazard;
  • Working in confined spaces;
  • Common working safely;
  • Working safely with electricity;
  • Safely working with tools;
  • Safely working with hoist and forklifts;
  • Safely working at heights;
  • Lifting, tripping, slipping and falling;
  • Personal protective equipement.
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