The 1-day basic course for Security and Intermediary Supevisors VCU (VIL- VCU), as the name suggests, primarily intended for Managers and Intermediaries of agencies.In this course they learn about general safety and get the specific knowledge required to get others to work safely.To obtain VCU certification as an employment agency it is mandatory that each Intermediary, with more  than 3 months’ service, is in the possession of the VIL VCU certificate.Since the final objectives of the exam VIL VCU hardly differ from the VOL VCA, the Open Enrollment course is combined. VIL VCU participants will further receive (different) course information before and during the course.Together with the clearly written text book, the students are being prepared by an experienced instructor for the VIL-VCU exam.

This VIL VCU training contents:

  • wellfare legislation;
  • legislation for intermedaite labor;
  • legislation;
  • risk of accident;
  • hazardous substances;
  • fire hazard;
  • explosion hazard;
  • working in cconfined spaces;
  • common working safely;
  • working safely with electricity;
  • safe working with tools;
  • safe working with hoist and forklifts;
  • safe working at height;
  • job risc analysis;
  • personal protective equipment.
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