VOL VCA(for supervisors) e-learning only (EN)

Would you like to prepare for the VOL VCA exam at the moment that suits you? Then this VOL VCA e-learning is it for you. VCA VOL is intended for Operational Managers and Main Contractors. The e-learning for VOL VCA contains about 7 hours of study material.

Do you master the curriculum? Please contact us to schedule the VCA exam at one of the many locations in the Netherlands.

The e-learning for VOL VCA gives you access to 12 online modules, practice questions, reference, sample exams and extra documents such as a glossary, abbreviations list and exam development.

This e-learning contains the following modules:

Part A: Preparation, discussion and inspection
• Regulation and safety rules;
• Safe working, consultation and inspections;
• Prevention.
Part B: Performing work
• The workplace;
• Personal protective equipment (PBMs);
• Work resources;
• Specific activities and circumstances.
Part C: Managing specific hazards
• Dangerous substances;
• Electricity and radiation;
• Fire and explosion.
Part D: Managing incidents and emergency situations
• Accidents;
• Emergency situations.

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