Boat Transfer

The Boat Transfer training is designed for personnel working in the wind industry, involved in the construction, maintenance and/or service for wind turbines and offshore wind farms. During this training the trainee learns to make a safe transfer from a ship to a wind turbine and vice versa.
The Boat Transfer training is part of the GWO Sea Survival. This means that you will not receive a GWO certificate for this. When you need a GWO certificate, you need to follow the complete GWO Sea Survival training.

This training is not scheduled by default, but we can make a tailor made program for you.  If you are interested in this course please contact

This Boat Transfer training contains:

  • The use of personal protection equipment;
  • Embark and disembark in a safe manner;
  • Procedures in a man-overboard-situation (SAR, GMDSS Recovery and first aid);
  • Evacuation procedures of wind turbines.

What should I bring?

  • Valid identification (passport, identity card, driving license)
  • Valid medical examination certificate

To participate in this training you need a medical examination. It is also possible to submit a statement from a doctor showing that you are physically capable of taking part in the training. STC NEXT can arrange this examination for you.

The weight of the participant must not exceed 125 kilos.

Click here for more information about the medical examinations we offer.

Lesson times:
The start time for this course depends on the date booked.

The training will be given in English as standard. If only Dutch-speaking students participate the instruction can be given in Dutch. On request the training can be organized for groups in another language. It is possible to hire an interpreter through STC NEXT.