Lifejacket Training

The programme of the training is as follows:

Theory explanation lifejacket ( SOLAS) Hypothermia (hypothermia) Practical boat transfer and pilot ladder

Practical training in swimming pool

Duration: 3.5 hours

For whom is the training

for anyone who regularly transfers to and from ships
For anyone who regularly wears a life jacket but has never activated one before

Programme components:

Theory Lifejacket/Hypothermia/ Sea Survival
Practical Boat Transfer and Pilot Ladder
Coffee Break / changing clothes
Pool exercise with lifejacket incl. activation; H.E.L.P posture; swimming technique and climbing into the raft

STC NEXT certificate

Below what participants should bring to the training:

– Set of clothes to go in the water with

– Dry underwear – Towels, lifejackets are on hand and available.

You can of course also train with your own lifejackets – please note – these must be inspected again after activation.