Sea Survival STC NEXT

This training is for anyone who wants to manage the basics of sea survival. Personnel working in offshore wind should take the GWO Sea Survival training course.

This training covers the following components:
• the dangers and symptoms of hypothermia and drowning;
• advantages and limitations of the various LSA, PPE and PFPE used in the offshore wind industry;
• using the various LSA, PPE and PFPE materials;
• transferring on an off board safely;
• emergency procedures, safety equipment and measures on and at installations, veels and wind turbines;
• procedures in a man-over-board situation (SAR, GMDSS Recovery and First Aid;
• wind turbine evacuation procedures;
• basic knowledge of survival at sea, individually and in a group.

No prior knowledge required.
Participant don’t need a medical exam, but must be healthy and fit for work.

After completing this training, the participant will receive an STC Next certificate, and not a certificate with a specific accreditation.
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