First Aid (GWO) Refresher


This training is accordingly to the guidelines of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

The training First Aid GWO Refresher is intended for personnel working in the wind industry, involved in the construction, maintenance or service for onshore and/or offshore wind turbines and wind farms. In case of accidents, knowledge of first aid procedures is essential. This course covers the use of available emergency equipment. In addition this course is about the operation of normal functions of the human body and the symptoms of disease or injury to be treated. The delegates are taught knowledge and skills in providing first aid in and near wind turbines taking into account the limited space and entrance and exits available.

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

This First Aid (GWO) Refresher training contents:

  • Providing first aid safely;
  • Basic knowledge about normal body functions, and symptoms of serious and minor injuries and illnesses (anatomy);
  • Set priorities in dealing with an emergency in a wind turbine;
  • Lifesaving first aid;
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED);
  • Equipment in an emergency scenario;

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

Training times:
This training is given in addition to other GWO trainingmodules or separate and therefor training times may vary.

The training is given in English. We can organize this training in a different language for groups on request and if necessary with an private interpreter.

A good physical condition is required.

Requirements for participation:
In order to participate to the training, participants need to have a valid First Aid (GWO) certificate as well as an offshore medical certificate or declaration of good health from their doctor. We can arrange a Nogepa  medical examination for the participants on our training facilities.
On you can find a certified doctor nearby to book the declaration of good health yourself.

Winda registration

As from October 17, GWO training participants will have to register in WINDA for a delegate profile. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a WINDA ID which you must send to before you complete the training. The WINDA ID is your personal identification and all of your future GWO training will be associated with this ID.

Register for a Delegate profile using a smartphone, tablet or a computer at

First Aid Refresher (GWO) €220,- incl. WINDA registration fee
First Aid (GWO) €399,- incl. WINDA registration fee
Complete GWO Training Combination price €1399,- incl. WINDA registration fee
(Optional) NOGEPA medical approval + shoulder measurement €180,-
(Optional) Shoulder measurement €45,-
(Optional) NOGEPA, Norwegian medical approval + shoulder measurement €200,-

More information: 0031-10 428 38 60

€226,- incl. WINDA registration fee, excl. 21% VAT

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