Manual Handling (GWO) Refresher


This training is accordingly to the guidelines of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

The Refresher Training Manual Handling GWO is designed for staff working in the wind industry, involved in the construction, maintenance or service for onshore and/or offshore wind turbines and wind farms. The delegates are taught knowledge and skills in providing first aid inside and near wind turbines. In this training delegates will learn techniques for manual handling with the aim to reduce risks. The acquired knowledge and skills contribute to a safer working environment within the wind industry.

This training is part of our standard offer, please contact STC-KNRM for a booking at 0800 – 1412.

This Manual Handling (GWO) Refresher training contents:

  • The importance of working safely and responsibly in accordance with statutory requirements;
  • Activities that increase the risk of muscle or skeletal injuries;
  • Ways to work safely and in a healthy posture and correct use of equipment;
  • Symptoms related to poor lifting technique;
  • Reporting any accidents and injuries sustained;
  • Thinking in terms of solutions with all the limitations posed by the act in a wind turbine;
  • Risk mitigation techniques in the field of manual trading.
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GWO BST Manual Handling

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