IMIST e-learning and exam

IMIST stands for International Minimum Safety Safety Training and is an OPITO standard that supports the global oil and gas industry to achieve safety initiative targets. The IMIST e-learning programme has been developed to provide a new global standard for Health and Safety training, which will provide a comprehensive and consistent level of training across the world and enhance workforce safety and compliance. The IMIST standard ensures that workers have the necessary safety awareness and training to reduce risk and ultimately reduce the number of incidents.

The IMIST standard ensures that the employee has the necessary security awareness and training to reduce the risk and ultimately reduce the number of accidents. The IMIST certificate is valid for 4 years. The e-learning and the exam are available in the following 12 languages:

UK English, Malaysian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America).

MIST vs. IMIST: what’s the difference?
MIST is a safety standard that applies to the part of the North Sea covered by the United Kingdom. IMIST is the international standard that applies to all other parts of the world.
The content of the IMIST is very similar to the content of the MIST. The major difference between the standards is in the way they are implemented. MIST is mandatory for almost all aspects of work at sea and on land in the UK. In other words, a valid MIST certificate is mandatory for anyone performing work related to working at sea.
With IMIST, things are different: IMIST requirements are based on the rules of individual companies. Some companies require their personnel to be IMIST certified, others do not.
IMIST covers basic safety knowledge of nine topics, including risk assessment, plant integrity, use of hazardous materials, working at height, and mechanical lifting.


The IMIST training course contains 9 modules:

  1. Hazardous Environment Introduction;
  2. Working safely;
  3. Understanding the risk assessment process;
  4. Tasks requiring a work permit;
  5. Personal responsibility in maintaining asset integrity;
  6. Manual handling techniques used on a daily basis;
  7. Control of the use of hazardous materials;
  8. Knowledge and processes of working at height;
  9. Awareness of mechanical lifting activities.

IMIST begins with an introduction in which the safety knowledge of oil and gas industry employees is assessed through various questions. The answers given are evaluated, after which a unique course is created for the participant. An e-learning is compiled based on the incorrectly answered questions. Each participant goes through an e-learning that is specifically tailored to his or her knowledge. The information from the e-learning is tested on the basis of various questions. The subjects about which questions were answered incorrectly are dealt with again, until the participant answers all questions correctly.

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