NOGEPA 0.4 Limited Offshore Safety Training

Occasionally a visit may be paid to an offshore mining installation by a Corporate, Government, or other Officials.In order to safeguard the person it is important that he/she receives basic instructions and acquires a sufficient level of understanding of circumstances and hazards on an offshore mining installation. Sufficient basic knowledge of emergency response and selfrescue actions, while travelling to and from the installation by helicopter is also required.

A visit to an installation is only allowed with this training under the following conditions:

  • The visitor will not participate in any operational activity on board of the installation;
  • During the visit the visitor shall be under guidance of a qualified and instructed crewmember.

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This Limited Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training contents:


  • Minimum knowledge concerning offshore hazards on board of an offshore mining installation;
  • The use of personal protective equipment;
  • Self-rescue techniques, use of smoke hood, and group escape techniques.


  • Explanation and demonstration of helicopter transit/immersion suit and aviation life jacket, emergency equipment, and emergency exits;
  • Preparation to take for an emergency landing


  • Donning of a life jacket.
  • Individual and group survival techniques and rescue techniques;
  • Use of helicopter sling and position during hoisting.

HUET Module (exercises)

  • Use of personal protective equipment (immersion/helicopter transit suit, life jacket, etc.);
  • Inflating a life jacket in the water;
  • Deploying and use of a spray hood;
  • Use of helicopter life raft;
  • EBS (Emergency Breathing System) familiarization;
  • Abandoning helicopter in various situations:
  • Floating on the water, carrying out a dry evacuation via the emergency exit to a helicopter life raft;
  • Upright under water without EBS – escaping through a window opening;
  • Upright under water with EBS – escaping with operating a push out window;
  • Capsized under water with EBS – escaping with operating a push out window, inflating a lifejacket, deploying spray hood, carrying out in water procedures;
  • Boarding a helicopter life raft from the water;
  • Being rescued by a helicopter sling.

What should I bring?

  • Valid identification (passport, identity card, driving license)

In order to participate to the training, participants need to have a valid offshore medical certificate. We can arrange a NOGEPA medical examination for the participants on our training facilities.

On you can find a certified doctor nearby to book the declaration of good health yourself.

Training times:
We expect the participants at 07.45 on this training day. Thetraining will start at 08.30. Training ends no later than 16.30, unless the participant attends additional training(s).

The above price includes registration fee, use of practical tools, teaching materials, lunch, coffee and tea. Please note that the above price does not include VAT.

The training is given in English. We can organize this training in a different language for groups on request and if necessary with an private interpreter.


Limited Offshore Safety Training €540,-
OPITO registration €45,-
(Optional) CA-EBS €90,-
(Optional) Personal Safety Logbook €17,50-
(Optional) NOGEPA medical approval + shoulder measurement €180,-
(Optional) Shoulder measurement €45,-
(Optional) NOGEPA, Norwegian medical approval + shoulder measurement €200,-