NOGEPA 1.9B Banksman (refresher)

To extend the validity of the NOGEPA Banksman 1.9 certificate it is required to follow this one-day training. Here the most important theoretical and practical parts of the Banksman 1.9 basic training are covered. The Banksman offshore training is specifically designed for operational personnel on ships and / or oil platforms involved in hoisting operations. The purpose of this Banksman training is for participants to perform hoisting operations safely, responsibly and efficiently in cooperation with the crane operator.

This certificate within the (petro) chemical industry in the Netherlands for an exemption for the “SOG BVL and VVL-H ‘licenses and can be followed instead of these courses.

This training consists of a combination of theory instruction, hands-on exercises and practical exercises with the crane and other hoisting equipment. The following topics are covered.

  • Materials and Equipment ( mong others Fibre Ropes, Fibre Slings, Wire Ropes, Slings, DNV 2.7-1 container, Shackles, Chains, Hoists and Winches, Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars, Sheave Blocks, ROV Equipment)
    • Select the safest and most efficient materials and equipment
    • Latest developments
    • Recognizing unsafe materials and equipment
  • Cranes
  • Hoisting of Personnel
  • Anchor handling
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Basic load calculations
  • Certification, Inspection and Marking
  • Safe use of materials

What should I bring?

  • Valid identification (passport, identity card, driving license)

To extend the validity of the NOGEPA Banksman 1.9 certificate it is required to follow this one-day training.

Course format
This Banksman Training consists of 1 day instruction from 08.30 to 16.30 for groups up to 6 participants. Both the theoretical and the practical part will be closed with a test.

Participants who pass the theoretical and practical exam receive a Banksman NOGEPA 1.9B certificate. This certificate is valid for 4 years.

The training is performed in English. In the case of Dutch speaking groups the instruction can be provided in the Dutch language, but training materials and examinations are in English.

The training can be held at the STC NEXT Training Centre in Rotterdam where all necessary facilities are available. On request we can also organize this training at other locations around the world, for example close to a project.

The price is € €612,- (inclusive registration fee) per participant. This price includes all training materials, the theoretical and practical exam and lunch, coffee and tea.

Not included in the price are:

  • Transport to and from possibly selected hotels for € 15, – per day.
  • 21% VAT. All prices exclude VAT.