S-cape training

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During the S-cape evacuation system, the student teaches the theory and practice of using the S-cape evacuation system. Under well-simulated conditions in our pool where reality is approached, the student will master the system. This allows the student to descend safely downwards with the S-cape evacuation system.

This course is for anyone interested, working on an offshore installation where the S-cape evacuation system is available.

  • Theory of S cape evacuation system
  • The operation of S cape Evacuation system
  • Storage offshore
  • Making the S cape Evacuation system ready for use
  • Practice descending using the S cape Evacuation system
  • Practice descending in a rescue fleet using the S cape Evacuation system
4 years
Quarantaineweg 98 3089 KP Rotterdam-Heijplaat
1,5 - 4 hours (depends on the group size)

Planning and timings:
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This training can be combined with the BOSIET / FOET or HUET, in which the timings may vary.

The training is given in English or Dutch. On request, the training for groups can be organized in another language with the use of an interpreter.