• Can you provide a customized training?

    Yes we can certainly provide this. We currently provide training for several companies that are put together in consultation. If the training you need is not on the website and you want to add your own touch to the program? You can! The most important aspect in putting together the program is whether we are able to accomplish the theory/practice without losing sight of safety. For more information please send an email to info-hp@stcnext.com or contact our booking department by phone.

  • Can I also book an on-site training?

    Yes this is certainly possible, but not for all trainings. The location where the training is given must be suitable. Some trainings require practical material. If the location does not have this it is not possible to conduct the training. For more information please contact our booking department by phone or email.

  • What are the general terms and conditions?

    The terms and conditions can be found on this page.

  • Can I attend a training course in a foreign language?

    Yes, definitely! The language in which you can follow the training is indicated on each product page. Is your language not listed? Contact us and often we can arrange something!

  • What are the opening hours?

    We can be reached daily on weekdays by telephone from 07.30 to 17.00 on 0800 1412. 07.30 to 17.00 are also the opening hours of our location at Quarantaineweg 98, 3089 KP Rotterdam Heijplaat. Via the website you can book our training courses 24/7, these bookings will later be processed by our booking department. You will always receive a final booking confirmation so that all information is clear for both parties.

  • What is a PSL?

    PSL is short for Personal Safety Logbook, also called safety passport or ‘green book’. In this logbook all (training-) courses, safety instructions and medical examinations are registered. A PSL can be obtained from our course administration.

  • How do I find a good hotel?

    When booking one of our courses via the booking site you can also book your hotel accommodation at the hotel we work closely together with. The hotel is near the training centre and provides the option of a fast and cheap transfer to our training location by water taxi.

  • What must I bring?

    If specific items must be brought this is mentioned in the course description. For example for Offshore training your ‘green book’ (PSL/Safety passport) and a proof of medical examination is required on the day of registration. For Maritime training courses your seaman’s book and possibly Seafarers medical examination certificate must be shown on the day of registration. If you take a Refresher training course please bring your valid certificates as well. For a single training a clean set of clothes and/or underwear is required; this is specifically mentioned in the training description. All personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided by STC NEXT for use during the training. Bringing your own PPE is possible but not required and is at your own risk. All course fees are inclusive of: Lunch buffet warm and cold Fruit and snacks Coffee, tea and drinking water. There is a machine for soft drinks and candies to meet your needs.