• What is the minimum training required to work in the maritime industry?

    If you are going to work in the maritime industry, STCW Basic Safety training is a minimum requirement. On this page you will find more information about the content of this training.

  • Are your maritime trainings conducted according to the new Manila Amendments 2010?

    Yes, all our STCW training is conducted according to the latest Manila Amendments 2010. The Manila Amendments include the guidelines for training seafarers.

  • My STCW certificate expired, what can I do?

    If your STCW certificate has expired, you may be eligible to take a refresher training course. If you have a valid certificate, you can often participate in a refresher. Don't have one? Then you will have to take the basic training. Do you doubt whether you may participate in a refresher training? Please contact us on 010-4283860 or info-hp@stcnext.com.