• My GWO certificate is expired, what can I do?

    It is not possible to attend GWO refresher training with an expired certificate. You must then take a GWO basic training course. View our complete range of GWO basic and GWO refresher training courses.

  • What does GWO mean?

    GWO stands for Global Wind Organization. GWO is an organization that designs and manages global standards for various wind industry training courses.

  • What is a WINDA ID?

    WINDA stands for Wind Industry Database and it is managed by the Global Wind Organization (GWO). Here, clients can check whether personnel have the correct and valid GWO certificates. A WINDA ID is a unique personal number that you receive when you register with WINDA. When you successfully complete a GWO training course, this is registered in WINDA by STC NEXT using your WINDA ID. If you want to book a GWO basic or recurrent training, you must provide us with your WINDA ID. You can create a WINDA ID yourself.