• My OPITO certificate is expired, what should I do now?

    You must have a valid OPITO certificate to participate in refresh training. If your OPITO BOSIET certificate has expired, you will unfortunately have to do the basic training again. If your OPITO FOET certificate has expired, you may apply for dispensation within 3 months of the expiration date of your certificate. If you qualify for dispensation please fill out the following form and send it to info-hp@stcnext.com. If your form is approved, you will still be able to attend OPITO FOET training.

  • What are the minimum training required to work offshore?

    This depends on the area you will be working in, the work you will be doing and which client you will be working for. Generally, an OPITO BOSIET / FOET certificate is required as a minimum and accepted throughout the world. Furthermore, there is sometimes an additional requirement for a MIST or VCA certificate. An H2S or S-Cape certificate may also be required by the client. This must be checked in advance with the client. If you want to know more for your specific case, contact us or your client.