• What kind of medical examination do I need?

    Which examination you need depends on what training you are going to take or what work you are going to do. We always recommend to ask the client what requirements there are for the work you are going to do. On the next page you can find which medical examinations we offer.

  • Can I book a medical examination with you?

    Yes that is certainly possible. We will arrange for you to be examined in the morning or afternoon on the first day of training. When you book a training, you can indicate this in the booking form. For more information about the inspections, please refer to the next page. It is also possible to book an inspection with us if you are not attending a training course. You cannot do this online, so we would like to ask you to make an appointment by phone or email.

  • Can I book a medical examination at STC NEXT?

    Yes, that is possible. See the medical examinations page for the possibilities.

  • How far in advance should I schedule a medical examination?

    The examination is possible before or after the training, or during the break, but should always be booked well in advance (preferably at least one week). We have very flexible inspection times.